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An affordable tool for practicing musicians

Organize - Arrange - Practice - Perform

Music Book allows you to organize your sheet music into specific groups suitable for arrangements, libraries, set lists, and anything else needed for practice and performances.  The interface is designed to get you to the music you need very quickly.  Do you play in more than one band?  Music Book lets you keep all the music for each group seperate in different Volumes.  When you are ready for a gig, a Performance List lets you keep the Pieces you will play in the order you will play them.  So that the next Piece is simply a page turn away.

Music Book has additional features such as automatic page turning, integration with bluetooth foot pedals, chromatic and audible tuners, a metronome, page cropping, non desctructive page markup and annotations, export music, backup your database, and sharing your arrangements, volumes, and performances with others. 

Music Book is not a repository of sheet music.  It works with your music.  It only uses music you have rights to.  Music Book does not require a subscription, monthly fees, or any other additional expenses.  It gets you ready for performances, helps you durng a performance, and won't break your bank doing it.  


Find Music Quickly

Highly intuitive interface lets you find the music your about to play quickly.

Practice and Perform

Set up practice lists and performance sets so you always know what comes next

Zoom, Pan, Rotate

Each page adjusts to your needs, letting you zoom, pan or rotate to make it easier to read.  

Post to Calendars

When a perofrmance date has been set, post it to your public calendar directly from Music Book.

Auto Page Turn

Set or record the duration of an arragement and have Music Book turn the pages for you


Look for a Performance or a Piece by typing in its name.

Tuners, Metronome

Integrated chromatic and audible tuners, and a digital metronome accurate to 300 bpm


Change the boundaries of a Page non-destructively.  

A Look at Music Book

Some screenshots of Music book in action

If you are having problems with Music Book.  Please send us an email from our Support page and we will respond within 24 hours of receiving your message.  

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